Last updated: 11 June 2001

Dew Heater Modification

Sent:	Saturday, June 9, 2001 4:24:50
From:	phillips@vzpacifica.net (Jim Phillips)
It's cloudy in the islands tonight.  So, here's a little mod that
everyone can use!  It's guaranteed to help rid the gnarly twisted mess
of cords that eventually invades everyone's set-up!

I contacted Kendrick to make sure the heat generation of the Kendrick
heaters wasn't related to the length of the heater cords that connect to
the controller.  They said the cord length had nothing to do with the
heat rating or amount of heat generated.  So, out came the soldering
iron and the cable cutters!

I customized the cord lengths on each of my heaters, velcro-ed the
controller under my OTA (a little extra weight on the front is a good
thing lately!!!), and used a few more adhesive cable stays to FINALLY
get rid of some more dangling cords!!!!!

The OTA can slew completely through it's DEC/AZ ranges of motion without
any of the heater cords contacting the forks or the wedge, or the scope
or tripod base!!!!

For my next trick, I'm going to mod the controller with a 5mm 12vdc plug
so I can pull the power cord off after use.  That way, I can leave the
heaters and the controller on the scope indefinitely, cutting some time
off the setup and teardown routine!  Smooth, baby!!!

Jim Phillips
Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands
15-09N  145-44E  GMT +10
dew Heater Mod

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