Last updated: 7 August 2003

Another Homemade Dewshield

Subject:	50-Cent Dewshield for ETX
Sent:	Wednesday, August 6, 2003 09:08:30
From: (James Krehmke)
Thanks again for the great work.  Would like to share with you a new (or
maybe not!) dewshield idea.  I was in our local craft store and spotted
a craft foam product "Flexi-Foam".  it is a dense, flexible foam sheet,
about 1/16" thick.  Available in flat black.  A 12x18 inch sheet cost 99
cents.  I split it in half lengthwise and wrapped it around the OTA of
my ETX, leaving 3/4 inches overlap.  Then applied some 3/4 inch welcro I
had laying around.  The Velcro bonded very strongly to the foam. Presto,
instant dewshield.  Tried it out last night with perfect results.  The
6" length even allows it to be wrapped around the OTA when not in use.


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