Last updated: 4 January 2001

Drive Inoperative tip

Subject:	ETX Problems
Sent:	Tuesday, January 2, 2001 19:38:59
From:	BGJAKU@aol.com
An update Mike...

If you recall, I was having trouble with my brand new ETX-90EC.  The
declination drive wouldn't work after about 10 minutes of use.  I called
MEADE today and spoke with Mark and decided to pop the bottom cover off
the ETX only after he assured me the it would NOT void my warranty. 
Underneath the three rubber feet lie 3 phillips screws.  I carefully
removed them and let the base slide off gently into my hand.  The
battery connection wires are connected to the base plate so I had to
hold it carefully.  Peering into the assortment of gears, grease, and
wires...just as we had discussed earlier, the wiring harness from the
declination drive had wrapped around the base plate screw post and had
been pulled loose (probably when I boked my equipment after alignment). 
I gently pressed the plug on the end of the harness back on the circuit
board, reset my autostar, and everything was back to great working
order.  Maybe this post can help some other unsuspecting new user.

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