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DS-60EC and ETX-90RA

Sent:	Thursday, November 7, 2002 13:52:54
From: (Frank Henriquez)
I've been a lurker on your excellent site for a while, but only recently
bought an ETX. Last month, I ordered an ETX-90RA for $150, from an
online dealer. Optically, it's a nice scope, but the RA tracking was

Amazon is selling the Meade DS60-EC, which includes a nice alt-az motor
drive system:

What's amazing is that it's only $99. The telescope itself is not all
that great, but the drive system is similar to the Meade 493 drive
controller, which is around $200 (including the Autostar).

I noticed that one of your visitors had mounted an ETX OTA on a similar
system. I decided to make a similar conversion, only that I left the
ETX-90RA in its original fork mount. I extensively modified both the
DS-60 and ETX, using parts from both to complete the system.

I finished this project last night, and it all works well, If you'd
like, I can send you pictures of the mods and of the finished scope. The
modifications were extensive, but it was a rewarding project. I hooked
up an Autostar 497 and everything works, but of course, it got cloudy
last night and it will probably stay cloudy through the weekend. It

I've written a description for my web page:



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