Last updated: 13 January 2001

DS Disassembly

From: hjlamb@bellsouth.net (Herb Lamb)

I actually figured it out tonight. Here is the procedure if you want to post it for anyone else.

1. Remove the azimuth lock handle using a 1.25 mm Allen wrench.

2. Remove the bottom center cap. I just snaps out like a battery cover.

3. Lossen the azimuth lock bolt. This can be done by hand.

4. Remove the azimuth lock nut, bearing and the three-pronged guide.

5. This will reveal a white, ABS plastic nut. Release the nut using a pair of channel locks or needle-nosed visegrips.

The bottom cover can the be removed.

I also found the source of the moving azimuth worm gear. The motor, reduction gear and worm gear are all housed together in a single plastic mount. At the top of the mount, parallel to the worm gear, there is a curved piece of plastic that acts a spring and presses the entire assembly against the azimuth gear. Apparently, I broke this spring by trying to turn the telescope without completely releasing the azimuth lock. When the telescope turned, it not only broke the plastic, but pulled one end of the drive assembly out of its metal mounts. I repaired the telescope by epoxying a short, stiff metal spring to the side of the drive assembly just below the broken plastic spring. I then moved the whole assembly back to its correct position.and reattached the base of the telescope.

I am sure that all of this voids the warranty, so procede at your own risk.

Thanks for the help and I love the web site.

Herb Lamb

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