Last updated: 11 February 1999

Inexpensive E-Cam Mount

From: Blake R. Tholen (blaket@logicsouth.com)

My first attempt at Astro photo was holding Sony Mavica digital camera to eyepiece. I liked it, but just not good enough. Bought the E-Cam computer camera, similiar to quickcam, webcams etc. I did not have any of the small machining tools available that some of your guests have used to connect there camera's. Using a cigar lighter, screwdriver, electrical tape, and a knife, I made the attached ETX mount. IT IS SURPRISINGLY STABLE.. Requires no work on telescope or eyepieces, and takes 30 minutes to make. I have been blown away by this thing and have had only one night to try it. Anyone like me with very young kids that cant look in eyepiece will be amazed at the live images on the computer as you scan the skys.

QuickCam mounting

My Autostar will be here this weekend. Cant wait..

As always, your website is THE RESOURCE for the ETX.

Blake (blaket@logicsouth.com)

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