Last updated: 31 December 2003

ETX125 Dec lock not tightening

Subject: ETX125 Dec lock not tightening
Date: 12/29/03, 11:32
From: Theodore Solgot (
I think the subject line says it in a nutshell.  The lock will turn and
turn without tightening, I can achieve a position where it has some
resistance but will not tighten down, threads are OK, not stripped ??
what next?  Was never overtightened, just happen to notice this the
other night when I tried to lock it in., prior to this it was working


Theodore Solgot
American Biophysics
Mosquito Magnet
North Kingston, RI
Mike here: If the tube will not lock into position then I suspect that the Right Tube Adapter has failed. Contact Meade for a replacement.


Thanks for your response Mike, would need to purchase unless there is a
fix for this type of problem, unit is out of warrantee, any idea on a
price for the replacement part? Meade seems to be closed for the
Holidays..btw great site keep up the good work....!
Mike here: In the past Meade has provided the RTA for free. It is easy to swap the part. You could attempt to do a repair yourself; see the article "ETX-90EC DEC fix" on the Telescope Tech Tips page.


Thanks for the help Mike 
And an update:
Update on the repair you may want to post this one to your tech
tips......after disassembling the right fork tube mount, I discovered
that all the internals were working just fine...the original problem
being that if I tried to lock the Dec lock, it would not engage the
clutch...seems the threaded knurled machine screw was slipping inside
where it is pressed into the Dec knob, so no matter how you try to
tighten....the knob would turn around the screw..noticed a stress crack
in the knob.....solution....switch fork really don't need
the torque on the dec circle lock..and the smooth surface won't allow

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