Last updated: 11 October 2002

ETX Guidescope Mount

Sent:	Thursday, October 10, 2002 23:44:21
From: (Chris Heapy)
I've enjoyed browsing through your website, lots of interesting articles
on the ETX!

You might be interested in linking the following article on my own

Here I describe a mount for using the ETX as a guidescope on a larger
telescope (Meade 10" LX200). The prototype mount is complete but testing
the function of the ETX as a guidescope, and also any modifications
necessary (I expect there to be few!) have not yet been carried out.
Still, the design of the mount itself is interesting. If, after
extensive testing, the combination of ETX and mount appear viable then I
may produce it as a saleable article.

Chris Heapy

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