Last updated: 15 December 2002

ETX-60 Accessories

Sent:	Saturday, December 14, 2002 21:00:17
From: (Peter Hiscocks)
I have put some pictures and explanatory text on my web page at

There is -
    - an inexpensive but very rigid surveyor transit, with source
    - a focus control motor and battery power box
    - a tote box for carrying everything

All this stuff, especially the focus and power box, have made it much
more convenient to use the telescope.

If there is some interest, I can put up the complete schematic of the
controller, but before I got to the trouble of doing all the drawings,
I'd like to get some sense of the interest, so I've asked people to
email me for further information.

You have a great site there, and I've spent hours going through the
material that people have contributed. I hope this is also useful.

Best wishes -
Peter Hiscocks

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