Last updated: 11 October 2002

ETX-70AT Wedge

Subject:	ETX-70AT - Homemade Wedge
Sent:	Tuesday, October 8, 2002 20:08:26
From: (Carlos Family)
Attached are pix of my homemade wedge.  I got most of the idea from your
website and have added a small but very important piece.  Most of the
homemade designs on your website allows the scope to change dec
settings.  The RA setting will then require the mount to be moved.  I
was having so much problem with this during setup that I decided to add
a swivel in the design.

The swivel is basically a 3x3x3/4" wooden block which connects the base
board and the swivel board.  The swivel uses a 1/4 eye bolt and tee nut.
Once I'm ready align the scope polar, I would losen the eye bolt of the
swivel and I'd swing the swivel board to find Polaris once I find it I
then tighten the eye bolt.  It help speed up my setup process by alot!!!

Hope this helps others.  Most of the parts are from Home Depot and it
took me about 3 hours to put it together.  All screws, threaded rod, tee
nuts, hex nuts and bolts are 1/4".  Perfect fit with the scope bolts.

Thanks again for the helpful site. It definitely made astrophotography
more fun.


ETX-70AT Wedge

ETX-70AT Wedge

ETX-70AT Wedge

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