Last updated: 29 October 2002

Putting an ETX-90 OTA in ETX-70AT forks

Subject:	Pics of ETX90 OTA on ETX70 drive base
Sent:	Sunday, October 27, 2002 6:41:25
From: (Gene Chimahusky)
I have seen a few questions of mounting an ETX90 OTA on the drive base
of an ETX60/70.

I have put images with more details to follow of one way to do this on
my web site:

There are NO MODIFICATIONS required to either scope. Simple PVC plumbing
fittings, hand tools, small tabletop drill press, some 1/8inch thick
aluminium sheet,  3/4inch soft pine planking, sheet metal screws and a
few nuts and bolts and an attention to detail to build a swing and DEC
axis to mate with the etx60/70 drive base.


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