Last updated: 29 December 2002

A simple power switch for the ETX-90 RA/#884 tripod combination

Sent:	Friday, December 27, 2002 21:49:35
From: (Tiffani Brown)
I love my ETX-90"M" (you should see Saturn through this scope with my
Meade Research-Grade 7mm Ortho!), however, I was at first stymied by the
hidden power switch w/ used with the #884 tripod. Being an auto mechanic
in a world of Hydraulic valve actuation, I found myself with a surplus
of valve lash feeler guages! (you know the type, 2-3 inches long,
L-shaped, flexible, very THIN?), anyway, I grabbed one of my
thinnest(.006 in), and used a small square file to elongate the circular
hole on the long end until it snuggly fit over the ETX's power switch. A
small square of thin double sided foam can be mounted on the tripod side
of the feeler guage, about halfway down the feeler guage to keep the
guage from slipping off the switch. I kept the backing on the tripod
side of the tape, so it slides along the tripod "pad". Just mount the
tripod to the telescope, with about 1 inch of the feeler hanging over
the edge, and you have it! If it hangs up, the tripod thumbscrews are
too tight, and if the tripod tips (god forbid), the switch is protected,
due to the feeler guage's flexible nature! It sure beats running a
remote power switch and wires, and it is easily removable for shipment!
(I make them like popcorn, but everybody I know with ETX-90's use
Go-To!).....Chris Brown.

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