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ETX station

Sent:	Friday, June 28, 2002 5:56:53
From: (Riccardo Cogliati)
I'm a fan of your site (.....simply impressive!) and a fan of my ETX
125EC. I work as engineer and as many others I realised a special
structure called "ETX-station" which is in the attached pictures.

I really would like to receive your comments and suggestion, cause I
think you're very objective and competent, and see my pictures on your
site as a suggestion for others, if is possible.

The main problems i tried to solve in this project are:
-possibility to disassemble simply and move inside or outside home.
-possibility to store inside home simply removing part of the base.
-very stable positioning and quick setting.

These are main specifications:
-Main frame and base in galvanized metal tubular.
-Rubber wheels.
-Power connections and PVC cable conduit.
-Electrical plate with transformer storage and cable's extensions.
-Folding eyepieces holder with red leds.
-Equatorial plate with gas stabilizers and inox pivot screw to control
-Bubble leveler.
-Service light.
-Moon globe bracket mounted (with adjustable pivotting support and light
-IBM 770 PC with Meade Skychart, Starrynight and Moon map (custom made).
-Ipaq palm PC with database, internet connections and others.
-Autostar and ETX controller's supports.

All the equipment can be assembled/disassembled in less than three
minutes. As you can understand the develop of the project and
manufacturig took more than six months.

Now I'm satisfied and I thank you in advance for your time.

Feel free to contact me for any request you might have. A lot of
compliments for your wonderful site!

Best regards.

Riccardo Cogliati
Comense ITALY
ETX Station

ETX Station

ETX Station

ETX Station

ETX Station

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