Last updated: 12 March 2003

90 Degree Finderscope Modification

Sent:	Tuesday, March 11, 2003 11:08:53
From: (Sipke Wadman)
As promised, I want to make a contribution to your ETX website. As many
others, I found the position of the little finderscope to be in the way,
especially when using short eyepieces and for right-eyed observers. I
devised a small finder clamp that retains the finder in front of its
adjustable holder, clamping the 45 degrees side, using a 31 x 73 mm
piece of 1 mm thick scrap brass, a 35 mm film canister, a piece of
broomstick and a woodscrew. Cost was $0,00, weight is under 20 grams.
The film canister is placed between the original finder adjustment
screws. See pictures attached.

clear skies,

Sipke Wadman
finderscope mod

finderscope mod

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