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Removing the "permanent" Finderscope

Sent:	Friday, June 14, 2002 7:13:50
Thank the stars for your website.  I hope you can help me.  I would like
to remove/replace the finderscope and mount on my 125. Considering that
I am NOT a rocket scientist, I would like to know if it is possible
without a major hassle.
Thank you for your time,
Billy D. Rose (in The Lone Star State)
And from the hardware expert:
From: (Clay Sherrod)
It can be done, but it IS a major hassle; it is quite easy if you know
how to get into the scope (voiding warranty, of course) to remove the
OTA from the rear cell of the scope.

There are two major steps to separating the large rear plastic section
from both the 1) tube and, 2) the primary mirror and its holder which
remains intact when the tube and rear cell come off.  Once it is off,
you can drill into the back cell to mount a ring mount for a 6 x 30
finder (or whatever) til the cows come home.

But I strongly discourage this if the scope is fairly new and under
warranty.  How about one of those great small RIGEL finderscopes that
allow quick polar alignment and a nice red illuminated finder field
without all the drilling and mess?

After all, a finder is just to FIND with and does not have to be large
and impressive.....the RIGEL really does the job and can be removed and
put back on perfectly aligned with a snap!!

Clay Sherrod
Mike here: Several finderscopes are discussed on the Accessory Reviews - Finderscopes page.

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