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Installing a Crosman Red-Dot scope

Sent: Monday, January 14, 2002 8:43:55
From: (Pickering, Harold)
I enjoy your site.

Attached you will find my method for installing the Crosman Red Dot scope to the ETX 125.

Installing the Crosman "Red Dot" parallel to the existing finder scope on an ETX 125.  Parts include the $13 scope from Wal-Mart.  From the hardware store: two 6/32" x ½" pan head screws:  two 6/32" nuts: two 6/32" Nylon Lock Nuts:  one piece of metal flat bar (I used a piece of a window blind hanging bracket I had around the house that already had the "long hole" and I drilled the single hole) that the scope mount can clasp to.  Tools needed are a crescent wrench, Phillips screwdriver and a 1/8" drill bit.

Remove the finder scope from its holder.  With the telescope in the vertical position mark two holes on the horizontal side of the finder scope holder.  Remove the finder scope holder with the allen wrench provided with the scope.  Drill the two holes into the side of the finder scope holder using the 1/8" drill bit.  Insert the two 6/32" x ½" pan head screws through the two holes (from the inside out).  This will most likely require the screws to be screwed into these holes.  Once the pan head screws are through the holes, screw on and tighten the 6/32" nuts on the outside of the finder scope to hold the screws in place, and provide a spacer to hold the metal bar away from the finder scope holder so that the Crosman scope can clamp onto it.


Remount the finder scope holder and install the finder scope into the holder.  Drill the metal flat bar to match the holes in the finder scope and put the metal bar onto the side of the finder scope holder.  Install and tighten the two 6/32" Nylon lock nuts to

hold the metal flat bar in place.


Install the scope onto the flat bar just as you would onto a gun, tightening the two mounting Phillips head screws.  The job is complete, the up/down adjustment becomes the left/right and vice versa.


The assembled unit fits into the Meade case without any modifications necessary.  It is a lot easier locating a star with the red dot.  I typically leave both eyes open when looking through the red dot scope, and place it on the star.  I use the other finder scope for fine adjustments.  Total installation time takes about 30 minutes or less.  The final installation is as solid of a mount as the manufacturers finder scope.

Harold Pickering
Tomball, TX

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