Last updated: 10 September 1999

Focus Knob mod

From: Bill Spearow (spearow@pacbell.net)

I saw this done by a guy who works at Scope City in San Diego, he did this to a ETX-90. I don't know his name, but the advise he gave on making a simple modification to the focus knob on my ETX-125 has proven to be very useful. Now I can make very fine focus adjustments with little or no vibration passing to the scope. Also I can reach the focus Focus Knob knob with the scope looking vertical, almost impossible if you have gloves or big fingers. Looking at the attached bit map photo, you can see I have used a rubber screw thread protector and a paper clip. I was able to find a yellow thread protector and paper clip. I was thinking this would help me find the knob at night, besides yellow on black looks good. Just bend the paper clip into shape and push it through the top of the rubber screw thread protector. Slip the protector over the focus knob. The thread protector I used was a bit small for the focus knob, so I had to warm the thread protector with a hair dryer until the rubber would stretch. The thread protector fits very tightly on the focus knob. This will not harm the knob. .......Bill Spearow

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