Last updated: 19 February 2003

Another Focus Knob Modification

Subject:	Focus knob ETX70 too short
Sent:	Tuesday, February 18, 2003 4:07:20
From: (Jan Allerd de Boer)
Focus knob sits on a too short axle besides cellback containing zenith
flip-mirror. Difficult operation, certainly if you wear gloves.

A simple extension is a remedy. Put a 57 mm piece of garden hoze over
the knob. Garden hoze size 1/2" (12 mm internal; some are too wide
internally for the diam. 12.1 mm knob). Saw 5 mm off from copper tube
(external 12 mm). Strengthen the open end of the piece of hoze by
inserting the piece of tube. This end protrudes enough after the
cellback to enable fast rotation of the knob.

Kind regards, / Met vriendelijke groet,
Jan de Boer

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