Last updated: 11 August 2002

Handcontroller Holder

Subject:	Autostar Mounting bracket (Cost 2cents)
Sent:	Thursday, August 8, 2002 20:36:38
From: (Ted Landy)
I have just worked out a reasonable way of mounting the Autostar to my
ETX125. I hated the way there is nowhere readily available to store it.
It either dangles by the lead or is tucked in underneath the Deluxe
tripod and is hard to get at in the dark. A bit of lateral thinking, a
Coat Hanger and this is what I have come up with. I wanted a system
where the  mount (and Autostar) slews with the scope so that it is
readily accessible. Even though this arrangement eventually leads to
cords wrapping around the tripod in suits me better to have the
controller beneath the eyepiece . This meant it had to mount above the
turntable in such a way as not to interfere with the OTA . I achieved
this by attaching it to the inside base of the forks.   The bracket
cannot fall off the scope and the Autostar cannot fall out. Perhaps a
little flimsy and would benefit from larger gauge wire. But for a first
attempt it works and hey - it only cost about 2 cents to make.

Autostar mount
Tools required: A pair of side cutters, needle nose pliers to bend the wire and a degree in Origami. I used a plastic coated Coat Hanger so as not to scratch the ETX125 forks. This is how I made it.
Autostar mount
I know it is pretty cheap and nasty and is perhaps a bit down market to be seen on such a classy web site;-) Can anyone recommend a better way or doing this? Ideally I would like something that held both the Autostar and my Palm PDA beneath the eyepiece, rotating with the scope. I see ScopeTronix sell an ETX Accessory Tray for the ETX 90 and 105 and will soon have one for the 125. Maybe this will be the way to go, but I would prefer something that attaches above the turntable. Ted..
Mike here: Your idea can be used for more than just the Autostar; the standard controller for example.


Thats a good point. I realised it would apply to the other ETX models
but did not think of the standard controller. Just checked and the
standard controller whilst being smaller still fits nicely in the same

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