Last updated: 25 April 2003

Image Shift Fix

Subject:	Image Shift Fix
Sent:	Friday, April 25, 2003 18:26:10
From: (dan hester)
My ETX has been plagued with image shift problems since I bought it.  I
know that several variables can cause the problem...and most of them
require disassembly( not recommended).

I noticed on mine that some of the shift was being caused by actual
movement of the focus shaft up and down and sideways in the bearing
behind the focus knob. On a whim...i took a plastic soda straw and cut
about a 16th inch from the end with scissors.

I cut the piece to size and made one wrap around the focus shaft...then
carefully slid it into the gap inside the bearing.

This primative fix has eliminated most of the focus shift.  I can now
focus with high power without excessive shift.  Before the fix...i could
move the image across the entire fov with a 15 mm eyepiece.


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