Last updated: 4 December 1999

ETX "Magic Cube"

From: Erwin Matys (erwin@matys.co.at)

Last year I built something I call the "Magic Cube".

It serves several purposes: storage and transportation as well as providing a nice base for field-observation.

The closed cube holds my ETX-90, two cases of eyepieces and other accessories and my charts. For transportation it wheels on four casters.

In field use, the front part breaks away and serves as a chair (which has 4 legs, not visible in the pictures). The ETX stands on top of the cube, which can be leveled with 3 screws in the base plate. An important part is the cut-out, removeable plate which can be seen in the second picture. It provides the needed stability for observation.

Magic Cube
As the third picture shows, the cube has an integrated accessory tray and an illuminated chart table.

The cube measures 20"x20"x20" and is mostly made of plywood.

Hi Mike,
thanks for posting my contribution on your site. Maybe you want to add the following:

Due to interest of other ETX users to copy the concept of the magic cube, I made up a more detailed description. It contains 20 additional pictures and the more important construction details. The 350k Microsoft Word 7 File is available for free upon request: erwin@matys.co.at

Erwin Matys

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