Last updated: 24 October 1999

Mount Idea

From: Ed de la Rie (ed@lisa.multiweb.net)

Enjoyed your ETX pages. Don't own one, but have a 8" SCT. The idea I have is to make a pole on the south, that extends north. Could either be around 4.5 feet which is a good height for adults or a height that is good for kids. Mount Idea But the main idea is a to have a stool or wheelchair to be under the scope. Since north is rarely viewed, there is appropiate room to get everywhere without bumping the scope. The sketch is crap, but gives the idea.

For any public observatory that sets up 2-4 of these machines like this there is a viewing bench without to much hassle this way. Extending autostar to a central point, means one person can make a sky show for everyone. Either having all scopes on one object or several objects, so people can walk (roll) from scope to scope.

Did I mention that bumping is not an issue this way :)

Hope you can work out the drawing and idea. We here are looking into this idea, but we might have to reallocate, so it might take some years to get it running, but it would be a waste to not share it with the world.

Hope you find it usefull,

Best regards, Ed (Haarlem, the Netherlands)

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