Last updated: 11 June 2001

ETX Outline for Hard Cases

From: John Horsley (jhorsley@wtp.net)
Sent: July 1999
Subj: Outline for ETX-90

I have owned an ETX-90/ra for about 2 yrs. your site was my major influence in purchasing one. I recently just traded my RA in for a EC, and all the goodies (Autostar, fosuser, new EP's ect...) Anyway I was going to buy the Meade hardcase for it until I read your posting review about the Doskocil Extra-large Seal-Tight Case. From that review it made me decide to order this one instead. I ordered it from B&H and recieved it in 4 buisness days. Nice Case! The only thing is, getting a good outline shape of the scope was a problem. Some people said that they just laid the scope on the foam and traced around it, but I found that it was difficult to get a good outline. So beings that I work in computer graphics I just drew myself a template using the computer, and printed it out. I then cut it out of paper. Tracing around it was much easier and more exact. I used Coreldraw to create the template, but have saved it in Autocad DXF, Adobe Illistrator AI, and Coreldraw CDR formats. I have attached a zip file containing the 3 files. Check it out if you like, and feel free to pass them on.

I also would like to comment on the 4000 Series Meade 8mm-24mm Zoom EP. I just purchased one recently and absolutly love this EP!!! I have found that I can go from 52X-156X and not have to re-focus, and in use in combination with 2X barlow WOW! Yes I Like It! The only downfall I found with it was that it gets a little stiff when dialing down to 8mm and can cause the EP to unscrew, but I have noticed that the more I've used the EP the more it has seemed to loosen up.

Clear Skies, John

Subject:	ETX125 outline
Sent:	Saturday, June 9, 2001 12:28:01
From:	gdavidson@davidsonelectronics.co.uk (Graeme Davidson)
I saw David Birmingham's request for an ETX125 outline and I decided to
measure up the Meade case I bought for my 125 and commit it to paper.
The upper half of the lid cut-out is slightly larger with 10mm being
added onto all the lateral dimensions. Supposedly, this is to allow the
lid to close easier.

The outline is in Acrobat form in the hope it would be easily viewed on
most platforms. I've sent a copy to David but I thought others might
find it useful.

I really hope there are no errors in the dimensions...!


Graeme Davidson
Davidson Electronics

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