Last updated: 8 July 2002

ETX Tube Touch-up Paint

Subject:	ETX Paint
Sent:	Monday, July 8, 2002 7:14:52
Do you know the name of the ETX color or have a recommendation for a
color to use as a touchup for scratches?


From: (Clay Sherrod)
Here is a close formula:

One Quart Size
Machine set for "Incandescent Lighting"

Base = XO-N
Color       Amount
     E         3Y12.5
     F            0.5
    KX            3.5
     R           32

Tru Colors Int/Alkyd/Gloss, XO-Rust

ALSO there is a wonderful off-the-shelf spray paint available that I use
to paint guidescopes, finders, etc. to match the Meade blue.  But note
that the ETX "blue" is NOT the same at all as the Meade Blue for the LX
series of scopes....close, but not exact!

The spray paint that is close is:
KRYLON REGAL BLUE High Gloss #1901


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