Last updated: 25 June 2001

ETX-125EC Heavy Duty Pier

Sent:	Friday, June 22, 2001 5:12:31
From:	d.birmingham@worldnet.att.net (David Birmingham)
Dr. Sherrod thought I should send along my modifications to his
ETX-125EC pier, found under Telescope Tech Tips, (ETX-125EC Pier
(2/7/01). After I sent him a photo I took of the almost completed
project. Basically I followed his design, except I could not find the
industrial shelf brackets so I decided to use 1 1/2” angle iron for the
legs. I purchased 3 pieces of 36” marked of the 19” leg length he
mentioned. That left 17” for the pier support. I then cut 45-degree
notches and bent the legs to 90 degrees and welded the cutout (note,
some flattening will need to be done to the flat side). The leg braces
are made from 1” angle with the appropriate angle cuts to fit the legs
and welded into place. The leg spacers are made from 1” angle and are
also welded for rigidity. To the eyebolt leveler legs I added cap nuts
to create a dome shape to the end of the bolt. The nuts for the leveler
legs were brazed into place on the legs. I then wrapped the leveler leg
threads with Teflon plumber’s tape to make them turn smoothly. Not
having a set of scales I do not know what the weight of the pier is as
it sits in the picture, but it is heavy. The weight was what prompted
Dr. Sherrod to encourage me to write in with my modifications. He thinks
there is enough weight and stability in this pier to support an LX200
12”. To weld all of this metal together I used my Lincoln Hobby Welder
with 2-mm flux coated electrodes. As with most welding, some grinding
will be required to make smooth joints, but this assembly will
definitely not fall apart.



Subject:	Pier Done!
Sent:	Saturday, June 23, 2001 11:33:29
From:	d.birmingham@worldnet.att.net (David Birmingham)
It's been raining off and on for the better part of the week, so garage
time was available. The attached photos show the pier as completed.
Maybe the paint needs a little more dry time. Counting the primer there
are four coats of paint applied. I was going to do the clear overcoat,
but when it dried I wasn't happy so I applied another coat of the matte
black. My goal is to make the ETX-125EC stand out and not the pier. I
have checked the turn buckles and they are as tight as I can make them
without any major material failure. Like I said, now all I have to do is
wait for the UPC driver to bring me a SuperCharged 125EC.

I hope your trip goes well. By the way, I will certainly leave feed back
on Mike's page about your service. I think readers should also know  how
courteous and helpful your are. I hope that doesn't get you swamped with

Mike, you already know, but I wanted to let you know what a GREAT
colleague you have, and keep up the wonderful work. I thought I would
pass along my willingness to help with the site, like typing, sweeping,
or anything I could do to help Weasner's Mighty ETX Site!


Pier Pier

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