Last updated: 8 May 2001

piggyback Subject: Piggy Back Bracket for EXT 70 AT
From: Tatanka001@aol.com

I just built a home made piggy back bracket using a pre-drilled metal strap that can be found in the plubling section of a local hardware cost less then 3.00 i bent the strape into what looks like the symbol for omni and made one side longer then the other and bent it over to help craddle the camera i used a 1/4 20 bolt to attach the camera and a 5/8 x 1 1/2 bolt to secure the strap around the telescope tube the strap was placed in front of the graring for the telescope keeping the weight as much on center. I ran a test with the motor of the telescope running and seems to track just fine with out any shacking of the camera or telescope. I plan to use a old inner tube from a bike to line the inside of the bracket to protect the tube finish.

piggyback piggyback

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