Last updated: 15 December 2003

ETX-70 battery holder

Sent:	Saturday, December 13, 2003 12:15:18
I found that my ETX 70 was pretty under powered using the six AA
batteries ( nominal nine volts ) in the supplied battery holder. Knowing
that it would run much better on 12 volts I Purchased an eight AA
battery holder from Radio Shack, #270-378B.  I drilled two 7/64 holes in
the corners and made a loop to hang it by using some 14 gage insulated
electrical wire.  After drilling the holes, the adjacent slots next to
the positive battery contacts must be carved deeper to provide clearance
between the wire mounting loop and the batteries.

I also made an extension wire for it using two 9V battery snap
connectors, Radio Shack #270-324.  These must be wired together red wire
to black wire to get the correct polarity. Be sure to verify polarity
before using! See attached picture of battery holder and extension wire.

I then stuck an adhesive backed RCA telephone wire hook, purchased at
Home Depot, to the top surface of the telescope base to hang the battery
holder by.  These hook are white so I blackened it using a permanent
marking pen. See attached picture of installation.

My telescope now operates much better on the 12 volts this supplies.  Of
course as with any modification suggested you must exercise care and
realize that neither I or this site accept responsibility for any
problem that may arise.

F Lundberg
battery holder

battery holder

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