Last updated: 15 August 2003

ETX table-top leg fix

Sent:	Tuesday, August 12, 2003 20:13:55
From: (Paul and Wai Yee Bonneau)
Mike, love your site!

I got a new ETX-90RA on a closeout, great deal. I tried the table-top
legs on it and they seemed pretty wobbly. I paid attention to how many
turns the legs went from just starting to full tight, and it was just
under one turn!

I noticed one of your contributors had just taken the set screws at the
end of the legs and unscrewed them a bit. That helped on mine, but it
still didn't give full engagement in the brass pem nut in the scope. I
went down and bought a 1/4 x 3/4 socketed set screw from Home Depot,
which appears to be the same as the stock item except for length (the
stock item is about 1/2 inch long).

The only difficulty here, is that you shouldn't screw the longer item in
and screw the leg into the scope without checking, as you might blow the
plastic out behind the pem nut! I used a caliper to check the depth, and
found I needed to file about .020" off the end (may vary on other
models). I took it off the socket end which is easier, but it makes it a
little harder to start the leg into the scope. Your choice.

Now the set-screw is bottomed in the leg very tight, and lock-tited in.
It goes almost the full depth of the pem nut in the scope. This makes
for a much stouter setup!

Paul Bonneau

"Liberty in Our Lifetime"

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