Last updated: 8 November 1998

Teflon Pad check

From: Luke Chidester (mcrc@fortwayne.infi.net)

After reading numerous reports of teflon pads working their way out of the drive base, I got paranoid and did a little investigating. There is some up and down play in the RA setting circle and by lifting the RA circle up, you can visually check the condition of the teflon pads. (A flashlight helps for this.) You can see the small plastic protrusions on each side of the pad and my guess is that if your pads are flush with these little tabs, then you are A-OK. If your pads are past the little tabs or are missing then you will probably need to reattach the pads with some adhesive. I'm hoping that Meade is now using a stronger adhesive on the pads as my scope is only two weeks old and the pads are not coming out.

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