Last updated: 31 July 1999

Report on Televue Eyepieces

From: Thierry LOMBRY (lombry@excite.com)

I read with many interests during my holidays probably all your web pages devoted to ETX and accessories. Already many thanks to provide to all users such huge data base of information and to manage it. In the same time I also jumped to scopetronix, tele vue, rahul.net, etc to find a complete information about the accessories well suited to my future (near) ETX 5".

You will find here attached some reports (Microsoft Word tv-report.doc) and 2 diagrams (Microsoft Word tv-diag1.doc and tv-diag2.doc) I did during my spare time about the Tele Vue optics (eyepieces and zoom). I think they can help readers in quest of such or such eyepiece for their ETX 5" or for general purpose.

Feel free to publish these comments on your web and publish my email adress. More information will follow in next weeks/months, specialy coming from Al Nagler and some dealers.

Sincerely yours,

Thierry LOMBRY, Luxembourg, 31 July 1999.

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