Last updated: 19 April 2001

Focus Motor

From: Thomas Meier (thomas_meier@gmx.de)

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Fiddling around with the focus, waiting for the end of vibrations and so on where too much....

So I decided to make a focus motor.

Exploring my tinkering chest was successful:
A small motor with a gear of 1:485 (escap, MGC16-Series - _NOT_ cheap if you want to buy!)
Two Fischer-Technik gear wheels and a gear-chain.
A short piece of 10*16mm aluminium in U-shape

Eh walla - the result: Seen from the side:

I made an adapter for the small gear wheel on my chinese cheap cheap mini lathe and drilled a 4.8mm bore halfways in the holder of the big gear wheel. Then I taped the motor on the aluminium u-beam and sticked it with velcro on the OTA.

The handbox helds a 1.5V and a 9V battery and the following circuitry:

At least I want to thank Mike Weasner, Clay Sharrod and all other contributers for their great work!

Thomas ( in Mannheim - Germany)

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