Last updated: 26 February 2000


Another Homemade Tripod

From: Steve Grosvenor (s.grosvenor@cableinet.co.uk)

Here are some photos of my home made tripod that may be of use to fellow constructers/modifiers. All the fittings were made of brass plate and soldering was used where joining was necessary. The tripod head has a plate sized to fit inside the rim of the base of the ETX and the round hole locates the rear rubber foot. When the telescope is located on the plate the two retaining screws are aligned with the bushes in the base of the ETX. These screws incidently, use standard instrument 1/4" control knobs to aid tightening. Yesterday I added the three flashing l.e.d.s much to the amusement of my next door neighbour.

tripod tripod

Etx users in Britain may be interested to see that a toolbox available from B&Q makes an ideal ETX hard case with flip down drawers for accessories.

case case

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