Last updated: 19 December 2002

ETX home made tripod and moon photo

Sent:	Monday, December 16, 2002 8:03:13
From: (Ruppa, Stephen)
i thought you may be interested in seeing a photo of my home made tripod
for the ETX 90ra. note the use of a speed square to get degrees

we have a 8inch reflector that my wife cant haul around. so i was
looking for a smaller scope for her. your web site is the most useful
piece of information i have found on the web on any topic!! it really
helped me decide on what portable scope to get. everything is just as
described by you or other contributors. thank you for all the great
info. also included is a decent photo of the moon. taken with a nikon
coolpix 4500 @ iso 100. using eyepiece projection through a scopetronix
18mm Wide angle digital camera adapter / eyepiece.

thanks again

Stephen Ruppa 
AT&T Broadband
Fiber Specialist 


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