Last updated: 10 September 1999

Meade Tripod mod

From: Matt Curtis (matt-nvn@pacbell.net)

I have been looking through my ETX now for over 2 years and love it!! I do however, have something I would like to share with you and all your readers.

The ETX Field Tripod soon fails after multiple uses. I noticed that after using mine about 15 times, the legs of the tripod started to slip. This was due to a poor design of the clamping mechanism on the legs. The clamping screw slowly bens the soft aluminum legs and causes the tripod legs not to hold the weight. Thus, slipping occurs while observing.

Here are a couple of the pictures I took of the modification that solved my tripod problem.

First I took apart the tripod leg where the factory clamp was. Then found a nice strong piece of galvanized plate that I cut down to size and pop riveted it on to the tripod leg as shown.

Tripod mod Tripod mod Tripod mod

In my opinion, this mod should be done to every ETX Field Tripod out there!

Matt Curtis (matt-nvn@pacbell.net)

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