Last updated: 7 August 2003

Another Tripod Adapter

Sent:	Wednesday, August 6, 2003 09:27:20
From: (James Krehmke)
Trying to save a few bucks for a real finder, and optimize my ETX, I
decided to build a tripod adapter.  I use a  large Manfrotto tripod with
a very heavy duty ball head that has a separate rotational control. 
Welded up a 8"x11" rectangle of 1/2" thinwall steel tubing with inner
bracing to contain a 1/4" nut. Used 1/4 x 1.5" automotive studs with
nuts and knobs epoxied on to capture the scope.  I made it oversize, for
a little shelf for eyepieces, etc.  Made the top out of some .050
aluminum sheet, pop riveted on.  Covered the edges with Velcro all round
to stick on the Autostar controller and anything else.  It has worked
well, with the added advantage of being a handy grip to pick up the
whole tripod/scope assembly and move inside or out.

tripod adapter

tripod adapter

tripod adapter

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