Last updated: 12 January 2002

Yet Another Homemade Wedge

Subject:	pics of my homemade wedge for the EXT 125 EC
Sent:	Wednesday, January 9, 2002 08:52:54
From: (Donato Espana)
Attaching 3 pics of my EXT 125 EC on the wedge I made for it. As noted
in my review in December this setup works great if you have a sturdy
table to set the wedge on. I cut it for my latitude and am very satified
with it. As you can see it is made of 1/8" plywood. I will be building
another soon out of solid 1/2" pine and it will be somewhat smaller than
this one. Will send you pics of the new wedge when it is completed. On
the sturdy table I set the wedge on, vibrations are not a problem and
observing from a chair at the table is a pleasure.

P.S. The tube color in the pics are very blue, but the actually tube
color is the Meade dark purple. Color shift is from the flash of the
digital camera I used.


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