Last updated: 4 March 2000

Aligning the ETX/Autostar

From: mediacor@POBoxes.com (Constance)

I am a computer-based training consultant and also an ETX-90/EC owner. I was inspired by your site to create a brief computer-delivered tutorial on how to align the ETX/Autostar. The tutorial is designed for beginners but may also be of value to more experienced users.

The tutorial is brief to minimize its size and download time. I might expand it to include spoken word and other topics of interest to ETX beginners.

The tutorial is available in both PC and Mac (PPC) versions. Each download file is about 1.6MB in size. The tutorial consists of one (PC) or two (Mac) files plus a folder entitled "Xtras" that must be in the same folder as the other files. (The Xtras folder contains a few additional files.) All files and folder are contained in a single compressed (zipped or stuffed) file for easy downloading.

After downloading the file for the desired platform, unzip or unstuff into the folder of your choice and simply double click the file "ext01N.exe" (for PC) or "ext01N.a4r" (for Mac) to run the tutorial.

Bob Jorczak

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