Last updated: 13 December 2001

Updating the Autostar

From: mediacor@POBoxes.com (R Jorczak)

This tutorial shows you how to update the program and information in an Autostar. The tutorial is intended for beginners but has information that is useful to all Autostar users. Most people will take about 30-45 min. to complete the tutorial.

I'd like to thank Mike Weasner, Dick Seymour, Al Schendlinger, and Constance Pepin for reviewing this tutorial.

For Microsoft Windows:

When expanded, the zip file ast01.zip contains:

1 executable file (etx02.exe)
1 folder (Xtras) containing several files with a .x32 extension.

Unzip the zip archive contents into a newly created folder. Double click the executable file from within the Windows Explorer to run the tutorial. The executable file must be in the same folder at the Xtras folder to run. The Xtras folder must contain the *.x32 files to display all information properly.

The tutorial has been run under Win95 and 98. I assume it will work on Windows ME and other versions.

Some people have had problems downloading because some unzipping utility settings do not create the Xtras folder and place the .x32 files inside it. This can be corrected by creating (in the folder containing the executable) a folder named "Xtras" and placing only the .x32 files inside of it.

For MacOS:

Unstuff the astmac.sit file to get a new folder named "Tutorial2 Folder". This folder contains three items:

1 data file containing the tutorial (etx02.a4r)
1 Authorware Runtime for PPC file (RunA4M.ppc)
1 folder named "Xtras" containing several files ending in ".x32".

Double click the data file to run the tutorial. (Or drag the data file onto the runtime file.)

Bob Jorczak

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