Last updated: 31 May 2004

Toasted my Autostar!

Sent:	Saturday, May 29, 2004 13:31:51
From:	Greg Hoke (ghoke@devrycols.edu)
My Autostar display no longer lights up. Instead it becomes very warm to
the touch. In addition the motors on the ETX 125 sometimes start slewing
and repeat over and over again. I can only mutter to myself, "What have
I done!?" (like the evil general in Final Conflict). I was attempting to
update my Autostar software and connected wires without reading
instructions. I have since taken a look at Autostar board. Components
labeled L3 and L4 near the smaller jack input are blackened. I will
probably just get another one, but thought your site might be enhanced
with instructions about how to upgrade Autostar software. In addition,
the warning "Don't connect wires aimlessly", might spare someone from
making my mistake.

-Greg Hoke
Mike here: What wires did you connect and what error did you make?


I *believe* I connected a four foot wire from one of the AUX ports on
the ETX 125 to the smaller connection  on the Autostar. The correct
connection was from the Autostar to the serial port of the computer.

$150 Lesson: Read the instructions!  Fortunately, he HBX port was not
involved with the mistake: I can still aim my telescope. Meade does warn
that connecting to the AUX port may damage the cable connector. I can
attest to the fact  that it can also wreck your Autostar!

Hey, what a great WEB site you host! I can't believe you got back to me
so quickly. Go ahead and post my story, if you like. We all learn from
mistakes. Maybe Meade will make future Autostars a little more

I hope to take a picture of the transit of Venus. I got a solar filter
and hope to take a picture with my Olympus C-740. We'll should see the
last 1 1/2 hours here in Columbus, O, weather permitting. Now to find a
hill with a nice eastern exposure: not an easy task in central Ohio!

-Greg Hoke
Mike here: The AUX port supplies electrical power to accessories, which is why it toasted your Autostar.

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