Last updated: 15 January 2007
Subject:	The PE LNT  battery
Sent:	Monday, January 15, 2007 14:54:08
From:	Rod Mollise (rmollise@bellsouth.net)
You might want to share this with your readers if it hasn't been
mentioned previously.

I recently had occasion to replace the battery in my 125PE's LNT module.
After a year and a half, my clock was slowly losing time--running slow.
The cause may have been a poor connection, but I elected to replace the
battery anyway. At any rate, the Meade literature I have in hand
specifies a "CR2023" lithium button-type battery. Unfortunately, there
is no such animal. What Meade _meant_ to say was "CR2032," as a user
will see when they look at the old battery.

As a long time ETX user, I'm happy to include myself, as always, in the
ranks of the MANY fans of your (always) Mighty ETX Site.

Rod Mollise
Author of:
Choosing and Using a Schmidt Cassegrain Telescope
The Urban Astronomer's Guide

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