Last updated: 13 July 2004

Buying a Refurbished Telescope

Subject:	BAD "Vann's" ETX 70 purchase experience
Sent:	Tuesday, July 13, 2004 05:35:26
From:	Anonymous
just want to let you and others know about this...

Purchased an ETX70 from Vann's off of ebay.

They disclosed it was "refurbished" but, I noticed something wasnt right
the first time I used it.

Confirmation came when I looked down the hole where you insert the
eyepieces...the flip mirror is badly, marred, smudged and scratched. It
looks as if someone tried unsuccessfully to clean it or mishandled it
during refurbishment.

When viewing, the center is obscured by this defacement, thus making the
telepscope practically useless.

I am trying to get a 100% refund as opposed to exchange because I donot
trust them any more.

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