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OPTIn November 2002 I received a Meade LXD55 8" Schmidt-Cassegrain with UHTC through Oceanside Photo and Telescope. I then started this web site to provide support for LXD users as I do for ETX users on my ETX Site.

In January 2008 I placed an order for a new LXD75-8"SC to replace a stolen one. After waiting for over two months I finally gave up and switched my order to a 8" LX90-ACF (Advanced Coma Free) telescope. As a result I decided to stop updating my LXD55/75 Site as of the end of May 2008. Also, I am no longer providing email support for specific LXD55/75 questions. See the Site Announcement page for more information. Check out my ETX Site as there is a lot of general information there applicable to the LXD telescopes. I also recommend that LXD55/75 users sign up for the LXD55/75 Telescopes Yahoo Group. This LXD Site will remain available as an online reference.

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LXD55/75-8" Schmidt-Cassegrain
My Initial LXD55-8"SC Experiences (12/14/02)
My LXD55/75-8"SC Observations (03/20/06)
My LXD75-8"SC Experiences (05/31/06)

General Feedback (05/29/08)
Achromatic Refractor Models (06/22/07)
AutoStar Feedback (05/31/08)
Feedback Archives
LXD55/75 Telescopes Yahoo Group

LXD55 / LXD75 Information
Warnings!!! (10/31/07)
Fixing a Slipped RA Gear (04/27/03)
The LXD55 Portal LXD55 Tips and Tricks, Vol 1 (PDF) (02/03/03)
LXD55 Tips and Tricks, Vol 2, Collimation (PDF) (12/21/03)
LXD55 Tips and Tricks, Vol 3, OTA Flocking (PDF) (01/16/04)
Drive Belt, other mods (02/09/07)
LXD55 SetUp and GoTo (PDF) (06/30/04)
OPT LXD55 Hints and Tips page (02/03/03)
LXD55/75 Gear Box Maintenance (PDF) (05/25/06)
Guide Scope Pointer Adjuster (08/20/06)
Polar Alignment Accurate & Easy! (07/12/06)
Using the Polar Alignment Scope (12/08/02)
Polar Alignment of Equatorial Mount (01/16/04)
LXD55 Mount Repair (04/22/04)
Fixing a RA Slew Problem (08/20/04)
LXD75-SN10 Modifications (05/20/05)
LXD75 Pier (05/20/05)
LXD SN10 Eyepiece Holder Modification (08/09/05)
Homemade Star Diagonal (02/24/06)
Fan for LXD SN (PDF) (05/15/07)
LXD SN Mirror Cell Movement Fix (PDF) (05/15/07)
Schmidt-Newtonian Collimation (03/23/08)

Helpful Information
Astrophotography (05/29/08)
AutoStar Info (05/11/08)
Telescope Tech Tips (05/25/08)
Observational Guides/References (10/08/07)
Power Supplies (07/18/05)
"Hartmann Mask" Focusing Aid (08/19/03)
Star Test Images (01/14/03)
Collimating a SCT (11/10/04)
Astronomy and Medical Topics (07/04/06)
Astronomy & Intel Mac Systems (02/20/08)
(some items above on Weasner's Mighty ETX Site)

My LXD55 Astrophotography
Moon (03/27/07)
Planets (11/08/05)
Comets (02/03/03)
Deep Sky (02/19/07)

Guest LXD55 Astrophotography
The Sun (01/26/07)
Moon (07/31/07)
Lunar Eclipse (01/16/04)
Planets (02/28/07)
Transit of Mercury (05/18/03)
Transit of Venus (06/16/04)
Comets (05/25/04)
Deep Sky (10/21/07)

Accessory Reviews
OPT Camera Adapter (02/14/08)
Meade mySKY (05/25/08)
Book: LXD55/75 User Guide (08/14/07)
Stiletto Focuser (10/16/07)
Meade #777 Off-Axis Guider (03/27/07)
Orion 0.5x Focal Reducer (08/31/06)

For Sale Notices (08/13/06)
Wanted Notices (06/30/05)

Site Announcement (05/17/08)
Oracle Observatory (05/07/08)
Road to Oracle Observatory (04/30/08)
My 8" LX90-ACF Page (05/29/08)
OPT Star Party (11/20/07)
So Calif Astronomy Exposition 2008 (04/10/08)
Meade soliciting images for catalog (07/06/05)
LXD75 Announced! (05/16/04)
Mighty ETX Star Party!!! (11/20/06)
Star Party!!! (03/17/08)
Text, Audio, & Video Chats! (03/28/04)
Alerts! (10/31/07)
Just for Fun! (04/07/08)
STS-107 Memorial Page (06/14/03)

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