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Updated: 9 July 2017

Since its formation in April 2014, the Oracle Dark Skies Committee has been attending various events around Oracle and Pinal County to talk about its work to have Oracle State Park designated as an "International Dark Sky Park". The Committee also does public outreach on the effects of Light Pollution and how everyone can help reduce the problem and save money as well. Selected past events are mentioned here.

If you would like a Committee member to talk to your company, organization, or group of local residents, please contact Mike Weasner (520-289-3402 or mweasner@mac.com).

Full Moon Night Hike, Oracle State Park, Saturday, 8 July 2017

This Oracle State Park event was a ranger-led evening nature walk in the park.

The Oracle Dark Skies Committee set up an information table on Light Pollution that was available to visitors as they approached the Kannally Ranch House:


Clouds covered much of the sky at sunset:


The rising Full Moon was visible through thin clouds and greeted the hikers as they arrived at the Park:


Several hikers were able to view the Full Moon through a telescope provided by the Oracle Dark Skies Committee. Park Manager Micallef enjoying the view of the Full Moon through the telescope:


Park Ranger Rinio briefing the hikers on the Full Moon Night Hike:


The western sky looked a little ominous as the hikers set out:


The hikers (center) beginning their Full Moon Night Hike:


After the hike was over holes in the clouds allowed telescope viewing of two planets, but unfortunately the Full Moon remained behind the clouds. The hikers were thrilled by the views of Jupiter, its four Galilean Moons, and Saturn, its Ring, and its moon Titan.

Viewing ended at 8:45 PM. Although the clouds hampered viewing, the evening temperature and breezes made for a pleasant Full Moon Night Hike. The telescope views of the Moon, Jupiter, and Saturn made a nice complement to the hike at Oracle State Park.

Photos by Mike Weasner, Oracle Dark Skies Committee.

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