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Current Reports
More iPhone 6s Plus Lunar Imaging 24 November 2015
Cloud Shortened Handheld iPhone Lunar Imaging 23 November 2015
iPhone 6s Plus Moon Imaging 22 November 2015
DSLR and iPhone Lunar Imaging, Crater Copernicus 21 November 2015
Critter; iPhone Moon Imaging; Moon on POD Dome 20 November 2015
IDA Dark Sky Defender Award 2015 18 November 2015
iPhone 6s Plus Moon imaging with Airplane Transit 18 November 2015
Chinese Space Station Tiangong-1 Sun Transit imaging attempt 17 November 2015
Imaging: Crescent Moon, Earthshine, Dumbbell Nebula, Pleiades 14 November 2015
D7200 DSLR imaging: Dumbbell Nebula, Pleiades 12 November 2015
DSO Observing, iPhone 6s Plus DSO Imaging with NightCap Pro 10 November 2015
DSO observing, Orion Nebula with iPhone 6s Plus 9 November 2015
DSO and Sky Imaging with iPhone 6s Plus and NightCap Pro 7 November 2015
Sunspot AR2443 6 November 2015
And the Winner Is...; Imaging: Double Cluster, Crab Nebula 3 November 2015
Short Observing Session: Constellation of Cassiopeia Tour, DSOs 2 November 2015
Review: Orion SteadyPix Universal Smartphone Telescope Photo Mount 1 November 2015
Review: NightCap Pro v7 App Astrophotography with iPhone 6s Plus 1 November 2015
iPhone 6s Plus Imaging: M17, Sky, Neptune, Uranus 1 November 2015

Past Reports: March 2005 - October 2015

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