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Current Reports
More Weather Updates; Sun Imaging Tests 26 July 2017
Review - Kendrick Self Adhesive Sun Finder 15 July 2017
Weather Updates; Short Planets Observing Session 12 July 2017
Book Review - How to Photograph the Total Solar Eclipse 10 July 2017
Smokey Sky, Waxing Gibbous Moon 6 July 2017

Lunar Crater Humboldt Details 30 June 2017
Lunar Crater Humboldt at Good Libration 29 June 2017
Moon, Earthshine, and Regulus 28 June 2017
Setting Sun, Crescent Moon, Earthshine, M23 Open Star Cluster 27 June 2017
Two Messier Catalog Open Star Clusters 24 June 2017
Ring Nebula with iPhone & NightCap Camera 23 June 2017
SkyShed POD Air Conditioner Installation 22 June 2017
Smokey Skies & HOT temps; Short Cloudy Sky Session 21 June 2017
iPhone NightCap Omega Centauri, Milky Way; DSLR Milky Way, NGC6822 Galaxy 17 June 2017
iPhone NightCap M13 Globular Cluster; DSLR Planets, Messier Star Clusters 16 June 2017
iPhone Fisheye Lens NightCap Camera ISS; DSLR Jupiter 15 June 2017
SkyTracker Pro ISS; Messier Globular Star Clusters, Jupiter, Saturn, 61 Cygni 14 June 2017
SkyTracker Pro & 600mm Lens: Jupiter, Saturn, Moon; iPhone: Jupiter, Saturn, Moon 11 June 2017
Jupiter, Moon and Saturn 10 June 2017
Visitors, Moon, Jupiter 5 June 2017
Moon and Jupiter 4 June 2017
Supernova 2017ein in Galaxy NGC3938, Near Earth Object 2017 CS 2 June 2017

Past Reports: March 2005 - May 2017

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