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Terms and Conditions of Use

Last updated: 25 December 2014

The following "Terms and Conditions" apply to information on the Cassiopeia Observatory web site (including text, photographs, graphics, and email addresses). Thanks for your understanding and compliance.

Terms and Conditions of Use

There is a "Terms and Conditions of Use" of Cassiopeia Observatory web site and all web pages maintained in the domain and on any Web Site maintained by Mike Weasner. It is applicable to "email harvesting", whether by manual or automated processes.

Cross-posting of articles and/or images originally published on the Cassiopeia Observatory web site or on any Web Site maintained by Mike Weasner to other web sites and/or forums is acceptable, but only after permission for such cross-posting is granted by Mike Weasner ( Requests for cross-posting must include the specific page URL, article title, or image URL, and where it would be cross-posted. Cross-postings must include the article and/or image in its entirety without edits. Exceptions due to length restrictions must be explained in the cross-posting request. All messages and/or articles that are cross-posted must include the original page URL in the cross-posting.

Contacting me

Site visitors can contact me at

I am willing to answer emailed questions about items I post on the Cassiopeia Observatory web site, but I can not provide "tech support" for your equipment or software. Please do not use Twitter to ask questions due to its 140 character limitation.

Email Subject Line

Please use a meaningful and in English Subject Line entry when sending me email. Otherwise your email will get interpreted to be SPAM and deleted UNREAD. Email received with a Subject Line like "URGENT REQUEST", "Request for Assistance", "It's here!", "I need some help", "Help", "Link Request", "Link Exchange Request", "What do you think?", "It didn't work!", "HELLO", "Hi", "Question", or a blank Subject will be treated as SPAM and will likely be deleted UNREAD. In fact, any email that has an email address and/or Subject Line that looks like SPAM will be handled similarly. The Subject should describe in a few words (typically less than 10) the nature of your email message.

Your Email Address

Use a valid From, and optionally a valid Reply-to, email address when sending email. Due to the volume of email I get, please do not request that I use a different email address for my reply. Also, if your ISP uses a "Spam Blocker" to prevent "non-authorized" emails from reaching your inbox, please add the email address "" to the list BEFORE sending me a message. I will not request authorization for replies that I've sent and so my reply might not reach you. If I reply and the reply is rejected due to an invalid From address or a SPAM blocker, you will not receive my response.

Email sent to me is subject to being posted (at my discretion) to an appropriate section on the Site. Your name and email address will be posted with your feedback, tip, or other submission so that other users can contact you directly. If you do not wish to have to your name and/or email address included or you do not wish to have your item posted, explicitly state this in English in your original email to me. Email addresses posted on the Site will not be sold or otherwise distributed by me, although they are visible to other users and to the jerks who scan web pages for addresses to which they can send SPAM or VIRUSES.

Image Files

Any photos sent should be in JPEG format. Some email systems may require that you encode the image file using Zip or StuffIt.

Message Text

Do NOT use all CAPS when typing your message text. It is hard to read.

DO use paragraph breaks (blank lines) between paragraphs (if appropriate). Avoid using more than one blank line between paragraphs however.

DO use English. Emails not in English may not be read or any response may be delayed.

Please be specific, clear, and provide appropriate details in your email. Emails that ramble on are hard to interpret.

I prefer to receive plain text email as opposed to HTML formatted email. If you can configure your email software to turn off HTML for my address, please do so. If you can not turn off HTML, please avoid fancy formatting or fonts in your message. It is really difficult to read white text on a light background or red text on a blue background. Yes, I have received email formatted this way!

Please do NOT use "shortened URL's" when providing links to web pages. Use the full original URL. Emails with shorten URLs may be considered as SPAM and deleted.

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