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Thin Venus Crescent, Blue Sky Moon

Posted: 30 May 2012

Opened the observatory Tuesday, 29 May 2012, at 1803 MST, 102°F. The sky was clear but there was an occasional strong breeze. Began viewing Venus in the 8" LX200-ACF at 1808 MST, 77X. I then began setting up for prime focus imaging of Venus using the D7000 DSLR. I did a series of still and HD video recordings through a #21 Orange filter (to reduce the effects of atmospheric distortion). I found focusing difficult due to the atmospheric blurring of the thin crescent, so I slewed the telescope to the moon and used it as a focus target. With the focus locked, I slewed back to Venus and did more HD video recordings. The results were much improved. Using Keith's Image Stacker, I stacked 585 frames from a HD video recording, 1/800sec, ISO 1600, prime focus + 2X Barlow Lens. The color from the Orange filter has been removed from the resulting image:


I completed Venus imaging at 1837 MST. Viewed Venus through the Orange filter at 206X. I added a moon filter to the Orange filter; that provided a much cleaner view of the thin crescent phase.

At 1844 MST, slewed to the moon and did some observing at 77X. I then did a tour over the moon at 206X. Following that, I switched to the visual back and mounted the D7000 DSLR at prime focus for this 1/800sec, ISO 500 image, taken about 30 minutes before sunset:


Closed the observatory at 1907 MST, 84°F. A short but good session in the observatory.

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