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Full Moon with iPhone 4 & D7000 DSLR on 8" LX200-ACF

Posted: 2 August 2012

Monsoon storms continued a short break. The observatory was opened Wednesday, 1 August 2012, at 1858 MST, 98°F. The sky was mostly clear, with some clouds low in the east and south. Viewed Saturn, 77X and 133X, at 1905 MST. Began waiting for sunset. 1926 MST, sunset. The clouds in the eastern sky were getting higher in the sky.

1934 MST, continued to observe Saturn, 133X. The moon Titan was now visible. 1936 MST, switched to 206X. Cassini Division nice but seeing wasn't very good. 1943 MST, picked up the moon Rhea. 1946 MST, the moon Tethys became visible using averted vision. 1947 MST, all three moons were now easily seen at 206X. 1953 MST, the moon Dione was visible using averted vision. 1957 MST, switched to 77X; all four moons were visible.

2008 MST, Full Moon rising over the hill to the southeast. Slewed the 8" LX200-ACF to it and viewed it through tree branches, 77X. A slight terminator was visible near the south pole. It would be awhile before the moon rose above the tree. Thin clouds were over the moon. 2024 MST, switched to the visual back and mounted the MX-1 iPhone afocal adapter with 26mm (77X) eyepiece. Still waiting for the moon to get out of the tree. 2035 MST, more clouds were now in the southeastern sky and over the moon. Fortunately, they were thin. But by 2043 MST, the clouds were getting thicker. 2052 MST, clouds were now over the southern half of the sky. 2105 MST, the moon was in a cloud free spot but not quite out of the tree. 2111 MST, the moon has cleared the tree. Thin cloud covered the moon. Began iPhone 4 imaging.

This cropped image was taken with the iPhone 4, afocal 77X:


I removed the iPhone and MX-1 adapter, and mounted the D7000 DSLR at prime focus. Needed to use the focal reducer to capture the complete lunar disk. This cropped image was taken at 1/320sec, ISO 100:


Click the image above to see a larger version.

2132 MST, ended imaging. Added a moon filter to a 26mm (77X) eyepiece and did some lunar observing. Thin clouds hampered the view, but the Full Moon was still lovely, with lots of interesting details visible.

Closed the observatory at 2152 MST, 77°F.

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