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Rainbow, iPhone App Testing, Nova Delphini 2013

Posted: 15 August 2013

Cloudy skies returned on Wednesday, 14 August 2013. Although the sky was mostly cloudy, the observatory was opened at 1816 MST, 107°F, as I wanted to do some testing of a new iPhone app (not yet released). A nice rainbow was visible from a monsoon thunderstorm to the east:


Just as I opened the door to the observatory, a loud clap of thunder was heard.

Since it was not raining at the observatory, I opened the dome. Part of the rainbow was still visible to the southeast:


Over the next hour I tested the iPhone app. I will provide a review of the app once it is released.

The monsoon thunderstorm to the east was a source of frequent thunder while I was in the observatory:


But it never rained at the observatory. Unfortunately, it was obvious that the sky would not clear up.

The observatory was closed at 1919 MST, 89°F.

A newly discovered nova in Delphinus (Nova Delphini 2013) was announced on Wednesday, 14 August:

I wondered if perhaps I might have a pre-discovery image of it, or more likely, the lack of a pre-discovery image, on one of my 180° fisheye lens photographs of the night sky on 12 August 2013 (while imaging the Perseid Meteor Shower). I magnified the area of one of the images and circled the approximate location of the nova:


The constellation of Delphinus is in the lower lefthand corner. Compare the above image to the charts in the Universe Today article linked above. No nova in my image.

I will try for nova images on the next clear night.

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