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iPhone 5s: Waning Gibbous Moon, Mare Crisium, Crater Petavius

Posted: 21 October 2013

The observatory was opened Sunday, 20 October 2013, at 2136 MST, 59°F. The sky was clear and the waning gibbous moon was well up in the sky. Viewed the moon, 83X, at 2143 MST. Took this iPhone 5s photo afocally at 2147 MST:


Switched to 222X and did a lunar terminator tour. The area surrounding Mare Crisium and the crater Petavius were especially fine looking this night. The moon was still too low (35° altitude) for imaging, and seeing was not ideal. A breeze was beginning to blow. At 2219 MST, still breezy, I decided I had better get some images while I could in case seeing became worse.

I did some iPhone 5s video recordings of Mare Crisium, afocally at 222X, handheld. This is a slightly cropped image from a single video frame:


I then did a visual tour of the entire (visible) lunar disk, 222X. Lots of nice details were visible during brief periods of good seeing.

At 2235 MST, viewed Uranus 222X and 364X. Good view of the planet's disk.

I returned to the moon and did some terminator observing, 364X. At times, there were some very nice views using this high magnification.

Beginning at 2246 MST, did some iPhone 5s video recordings of crater Petavius, afocal 364X, handheld. This is a cropped image from a video frame:


I then did some more lunar observing, 364X. At 2251 MST, I took a last look at the moon, 83X.

The observatory was closed at 2302 MST, 60°F.

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