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Full Moon Rising

Posted: 15 February 2014

Opened: Friday, 14 February 2014, 1814 MST
Temperature: 82°F
Session: 655
Conditions: Thin clouds in much of sky

At 1820 MST, took this iPhone 5s panoramic photo from the west through north:


1830 MST: viewed Jupiter through thin clouds using the 8" LX200-ACF at 83X. The four Galilean Moons were visible. At 1840 MST, the clouds in the eastern sky were beginning to brighten from the rising just past Full Moon (Full phase was at 1653 MST). Began waiting for the moon to rise over the hill to the east of the observatory. Then did a rising moon sequence of photos with the D7000 DSLR with 300mm lens, f/5.6, 1/160sec, ISO 100, for this cropped animation:


By 1900 MST, the moon was fully above the hill. At 1902 MST, viewed the moon at 83X. A slight terminator was visible along the northern limb, from the northeast to the northwest.

This afocal iPhone 5s photo, 83X, handheld was taken at 1904 MST:


1927 MST: added the focal reducer to the 8" telescope and mounted the D7000 DSLR at prime focus of the 8" telescope. Began monitoring the moons and clouds to get the moon in a clear spot. Took this photo at 1933 MST, 1/1000sec, ISO 100:

Click or tap for a larger version

Due to the clouds and bright moon, ended the session.

Closed: Friday, 14 February 2014, 1952 MST
Temperature: 64°F

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